Guide to Wagering Contribution

Getting things clear on Wagering Contribution

In this article we will go through all things wagering and ensure you fully understand how wagering works and it impacts your deposit.

Before we move on lets first have a look at the terms used in the industry for wagering

  • Wagering requirements
  • Wager through
  • Playthrough
  • Turnover requirements

So now you know, all of the above are referring to the same thing

For the purpose of clarity we will refer to it as “Wagering requirements” in this article

Introduction to Wagering?

The Wagering requirements is the amount of times you have to turnover your deposited amount or bonus amount(we will get back to this a bit later) before you are able to cash out your winnings. Without going into too much detail for now I would like you to understand that this is the only weapon a casino has to safeguard the expected outcome.

Before you sign up for any offer make sure to read carefully both the casino general terms and conditions but also the specific offer you are about to sign up for. We have seen various cases where the casino promotes the general terms however the player would then be surprised once he actually signs up and vice versa.

How it works – The basics?

When going through the terms you will be looking for the following information

Maximum Bonus Amount

The is the maximum amount of Bonus money you can redeem through this bonus whatever the bonus percentage is.

Very straight forward to understand see example below:

Max. BonusDep. AmountBonus %Bonus

Bonus %

The Bonus % is the percentage of bonus money you will get in comparison to your deposit amount


100% – You get same amount of bonus as that of your deposit, up to the maximum bonus amount

  • Deposit $100, receive $100 in bonus
  • Deposit $50, receive $50 in bonus

50% – You get half the amount of bonus as that of your deposit, up to the maximum bonus amount

  • Deposit $100, receive $50 in bonus
  • Deposit $50, receive $25 in bonus

Wagering Requirements calculation

To keep it simple let`s just say that the “Wagering Requirements are calculated on the sum of turnover for all the spins you do while having an active bonus”, this statement is partly incorrect as the sum usually has some adjustment with specific games such as table games having none or reduced contribution but we`ll go deeper into that later on in the Wagering Contribution section.

You would typically expect anything between 30X which is decent, to a money grabbing 80X or more. It is always recommended you don`t skip the boring part and spend some time going through the Terms and conditions.

The example below illustrates just how much this will impact the expected results:

Example Casino A: 100% bonus with wagering requirement 40X Deposit Amount

Example Casino B: 100% bonus wagering requirement 40X Deposit + Bonus

Should you deposit $100 at Casino A your turnover requirements would be 100X40=4000

Should you deposit $100 at Casino B your turnover requirements would be 100X80=8000!!

Yes you read that right, twice the wagering for the simple fact that Casino B calculates the requirements including both the Deposit AND the Bonus. Needless to say the lower the wagering requirements are the better are your chances of cashing out when you hit any big wins.

Wagering Contribution?

Almost all casinos have limitations to how much certain types of games or slots contribute towards the fulfilment of the wagering. In a perfect world you would spin $10 on any slot or table which would contribute $10 but unfortunately it is not the case. Some casinos have been extremely creative with this as well so to completely understand this you will need to once again go through the T&C.

In most casinos you would expect these to be as follows:

  • Most Slots: Contribute 100% towards wagering
  • Some Slots: Restricted or contribute 0%
  • Table games: Restricted or contribute 10%