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April 1, 2012





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Everything to Know About Wolf Moon by Aristocrat


Howling at the moon isn’t something that any civilized people would do. But if you’re playing a slot game like this one and hit the jackpot, you might as well grab a few friends and howl at the moon altogether. Wolf Moon is one of Aristocrat’s popular slot game featuring the beautiful mountains of Canada and diverse wildlife.

While no one knows the reason why wolves howl at the moon, the act itself somehow made popular stretching back to the Neolithic age. So popular, that even today, people are thinking that there must be a connection as to why wolves do it. This belief has been adopted to almost about anything including slot machine themes.

Understanding the Mechanics of the Game

Aristocrat made the game back on April 1st, 2012. The game is pretty standard and it follows the same routine as most popular slot games of that year. Wolf Moon is also available to play on mobile devices. There are 50 pay lines for this game and the maximum winnable coins are 625. It also has a good return to the player percentage as it is up to 94.8%. The mechanics are also simple to understand. Players have to spin the reels and by luck, align a number of same symbols to win. But that’s not it. The game also has Wild and Scatter symbols to make it more interesting. If you are new to slot games and have no idea of wild nor scatter symbols, these special symbols allow players to win big or increase the chances of you hitting the jackpot bonus.

The game features a bunch of animals seen in the wilderness. You get to see puffins, moose, grizzly bears, and the game’s main icon, wolves. There are other low-tier symbols too. These symbols resemble playing cards such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9. These symbols add diversity to the game and make it more interesting.

The structure follows a 4-row, 6-reel layout. The graphics are very alluring especially if the player manages to get a good haul. The game shows colorful graphics and headings that indicate the player’s winnings. Since there are 6 reels in the game, that should give the players a bigger prize. Players will have to match a minimum of 3 matching symbols and a maximum of 6. Animal symbols pay the most. The highest paying symbol that the game features are the adult wolves. Getting these symbols will reward players up to 650 coins. There’s a cool mix to the game that allows players to get higher prizes. There are radioactive snowflakes that will show up once in a while. If the player manages to get these radioactive snowflakes before they expire or hit the ground, they get a multiplier to their total bet. This multiplier can go up to 25 times. That’s a pretty huge reward for preventing an epidemic.

Bonus Rounds

The game has bonus rounds that players need to look out for. As mentioned, there are radioactive snowflakes lying around in the game waiting for the opportune moment. If the player manages to reel in 3 or 6 radioactive snowflakes, these symbols will trigger the lucky zone event. This event adds free spins to the game depending on the number of snowflakes the player managed to capture. For 3 snowflakes, players get a total of 12 free spins, 4 snowflakes get 24 free spins, 5 gets 30, and 6 gives you a whopping 40 free spins. Having 40 free spins is like a jackpot in a sense that you don’t have to bet anything yet, you get the prize if you are lucky enough to hit high-paying symbols. But that’s not all. The moon symbol act as a wild card that transforms into any symbol. These wild moon symbols only appear on the 3rd and 4th reel. There’s a small square pattern that will show up during the free spins rounds and that’s where these wild moon symbols appear. If at least 1 wild moon symbol appears on that square area, the rest of the square will turn into full wild moon symbol, maximizing every potential winning for that single spin.

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