The Walking Dead 2

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July 8, 2018





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Everything to Know about The Walking Dead 2 Slot Machine

Aristocrat has released a brand-new slot game that is on fire right now in most online casinos everywhere. For those who are into online slot games, one of the best online slot games right now is the Walking Dead 2 slot machine game. The game was based on AMC’s The Walking Dead, a post-apocalyptic tv series where mankind was almost on the brink of extinction except for the zombies. The TV series has been accepted widely not only in the US but almost all parts of the globe. For those fans of slot machine gambling and the zombie apocalypse, this is the real treat. The online slot machine game features familiar characters from the Walking Dead season one and two. We get to see familiar faces such as Rick Grimes, Daryl, Merle, and Michonne with her iconic katana. Each character represents a certain level of prizes to be won. The graphics were immersive, rich, and entertaining. The mechanics are slightly different from usual slot games that you might have experienced. Some people would say that the features presented in this particular game might be the next big thing for slot machine games in the future.

How Does the Game Work?

The Walking Dead 2 slot game features a variety of symbols and special cards that appear at any given time. There are winnable patterns that the players must look into. Initially, the game does not cover the entire screen when you start playing it. However, once these reels start with wild symbols, the screen starts to unravel allowing the player to reel in bigger rewards. The game uses a tall screen that features a 5x6 layout. What makes this game unique is that it has a bigger 2x2 reels that lead to bigger payouts. That means if the player managed to form a winning pattern, the final reel can sometimes lead to a multiplier, boosting the player’s winnings for that session. Symbols are categorized based on their prize levels. The low-paying symbols are hats, squirrels, keys, tanks, and flowers. In order to win big, the players must align character symbols. As mentioned, the character symbols are taken from the TV series namely, Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Merle, and the Governor. Character symbols are expanded and take up at least two lines. It increases the possibility of making multiple winning combinations and thus, increases the player’s chance of hitting the big prize on every spin. Another thing that players need to look out for is the big win rounds. There are special symbols that can increase the player’s winnings significantly. These are wild symbols that can pretty much expand the screen to cover the entire reel or just hit a single position and maximize the reward potential of that particular symbol. The best part is when these wild symbols join together, it could maximize the player’s winnings by up to 10x. There’s one other special symbol that takes the players into the game’s extended feature. There are scatter symbols that reward players with free spins. If the players managed to reel in three or more of the free spin symbols, they will be given a chance to enter a free spin bonus round. In this round, the players get to choose the number of free spins based on their selection. Players can select from 8, 10, 12, 15, and x2. These options are hidden randomly behind zombie sculptures. If the players managed to pick an x2, they will be given another chance to pick one again. The free spins that they have selected will be multiplied by 2 and it will be the number of free spins they will receive at the end of this round. Lastly, there is a Jackpot round that players will be given a shot at the Governor. This round allows the players to select multipliers based on reward progressives. There are four progressives to choose from. Mini, minor, major, and grand. If the player managed to guess correctly and hit 3 of the same type during the jackpot round, they will receive the rewards including the multiplier set for that particular reward progressive. After the jackpot round, the player is awarded free spins.    

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