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January 1, 2012





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Outback Jack Slot Machine


Casinos try the best they can to attract as many customers as possible. That is the reason why most casino developers try to add new and entertaining features to their products every now and then. And Aristocrat is no different. One of the largest producers of casino gaming systems and slot machines, Aristocrat tries to innovate each slot machine to keep customers coming back for more. One of their most impressive slot games is the Outback Jack. The game features an Australian adventure-themed slot. The kind of adventure that would remind you of the popular television personality and adventurer, Steve Irwin. The graphics are indeed colorful and enticing to the eyes. But what is more captivating is the prize amount that players will be able to get once they hit the jackpot.

What’s Good About This Game?

For the most part, people don’t go into casinos just to admire the sound of slot machines and how the bell rings. People come into the casino to get a good time and bag some more money if their luck says so. But one thing that you would admire about the game is that it gives the feeling of being in a real Australian outback. It might be just a game but you can have loads of fun playing it.

So, the game features a standard 3 rows and 5-reel layout. There’s nothing special about the arrangement and construction of the game. The game was created back in 2012 and there are plenty of good-looking slots that have the same feature. The game has 30 pay lines which are pretty basic for most slot machines in 2012. It has a surround sound system that really warps player into the game. The video isn’t as impressive as it only features 640x480 pixels. Playing the game is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need to do is to press buttons in the machine. Bets are already indicated in the buttons to prevent any confusion and to maximize enjoyment without having to go into tutorials.

The symbols used in the game is pretty much the same thing that you would imagine in an Australian Outback. There are crocodiles, sharks, kangaroos, boomerang, koalas, jeeps, and of course, the famous outback jack. There are also symbols that resemble playing cards such as Jack, Ace, King, and Queen. Playing card symbols can also yield high rewards if reeled into winnable patterns.

Just like any slot machine games these days, Outback Jack also has its own wild and scatter symbols. The boomerang acts as a wild symbol and the map of Australia acts as the scatter symbol. For those players who are new to these slot games, wild symbols substitute other symbols to create a winnable line. Scatter symbols unlock the game’s bonus feature, giving the player a chance to get high prizes. It could give players extra spins or multiple prizes received from winning pay lines.

Outback Jack features several bonuses in different stages that make the game more interesting. To enter the bonus stage, the players must be able to reel in at least 3 Australian map symbols on any of the five reels. You’ll know it when the screen changes and Outback Jack starts to race in his jeep across the screen. The player’s objective is to complete the trial for 1 of 6 posts that will be presented on the screen. Each of these posts provides different bonuses. The 6 posts are the Nippy Surf, Gold Mine, Big Rock, Winding River, the Great Sandy Desert, and the Fishing Spot bonuses. The posts will be selected in random. If the player is lucky enough, he or she could end with the Gold Mine bonus. The post with the lowest prizes is the Big Rock and Fishing spot bonus. There’s a higher chance that players will end up with the low-paying posts.


For a game that was developed in 2012, Outback Jack is still enjoyable as any other recent slot games. Bonus rounds ensure that players have the chance to win big despite having limited pay lines. But nevertheless, the game brings excitement with its amazing surround sound audio and entertaining graphics.


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